Alan Kent Motors Diagnostic check ilkeston.

Alan Kent Motors ECU Diagnostic Checks.

All modern vehicles have computers or ECU's (Electronic Control Units) that control many of your vehicles functions. There are a number of sensors that provide the ECU with all necessary information. For example, according to these inputs the engine ECU makes adjustments adding or subtracting fuel, advancing or retarding the ignition timing, increasing or decreasing idle speed, etc. If there is a problem the ECU
stores a code that can be retrieved with a special diagnostic tool. The code itself does not tell exactly which part to replace;
it only gives a direction where to look for. It is then up to the technician to use his experience to correctly identify the faulty item. At AKM we have invested heavily in the most up to date equipment that enables us to read the ECU's of almost every make of car, saving you the time and expense of having to
visit a main dealer.