Alan Kent Motors Cambelt service ilkeston. Alan Kent Motors Cambelt Replacement. Cambelts will naturally wear and require replacement after a set time or mileage interval. However each car manufacturer will recommend different intervals for different models. Failure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines can lead to costly damage, so we recommend that you contact our highly qualified mechanics or enquire next time you have your car serviced by AKM. Finding out when your cambelt should be changed is easier than having your brakes checked, but can be far more expensive if you overlook it! What are Cambelts? Cambelts are toothed rubber or Nitrile belts that help to maintain the timing between the camshaft and crankshaft. If you're not too familiar with what these are, then imagine a bicycle the chain on your bike is like the cambelt, so you would not get very far if your chain broke! However, if you were riding your bike and your chain did break, you would stop pedalling. A car, on the other hand won't and as a result, the engine can become severely damaged. This is why it's so important to replace a cambelt along the recommended guidelines.